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Our Thinwall cables are high temperature, low voltage cables designed specifically for usage in the automotive, marine and other likewise industries.
Thinner to save you space - approximately 30% less volume, so ideal for wiring harness's
Higher amperage rating for an equivalent cross section.
Used by many of the leading Vehicle Manufacturers.

Technical Summary:
Hard Grade Thermoplastic PVC Lead Free Insulation, according to ISO 6722 Class B
Plain Copper Conductor, C-EPT1, According to EN 13602, Conductors according to ISO 6722/LV112 Type B
General usage at -40°C to +105°C with excursions up to +120°C - Suitable for use on 12 & 24v Systems (Max of 60v)
Part Resistant to petrol, lubricating oils and diluted acids.

Our PVC Hi-Flex Battery has the follow markings, specification and characteristics:

Insulation Markings:
HI FLEX "size". mm² CE made in EC
Soft PVC
Insulation Hardness:
70±5 Shore "A"
Temperature Rating:
+5°C ÷ +7°0C (Mobile Use)
-30°C ÷ +70°C (Stationary Use)
Rating Voltage U/Uo:
450/750 V (600/1000 V in protected fixed installation)

All Cable Supplied is of the highest european quality, individual specifications can be found in each item.