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Our high quality nylon 6,6 cable ties come packed in 100’s as standard. They can be tightened by hand or using one of our tensioning tools.

• Material: Nylon 6,6
• Flammability Rating: UL94-V2
• Military Specification: 23190E
• Installation Temperature: -20°C to +85°C
• Working Temperature: -40°C to +85°C
• Smoke Density: Flaming – 35 // Non Flaming – 13

Our cable ties are tensile tested randomly before leaving the factory to ensure they are meeting, but in the majority of cases well exceeding the minimum tensile strengths quoted:

• 2.5mm Wide Cable Ties – 8.1kg (18lbs)
• 3.6mm Wide Cable Ties – 18.2kg (40lbs)
• 4.8mm Wide Cable Ties – 22.2kg (50lbs)
• 7.6mm Wide Cable Ties – 54.4kg (120lbs)
• 9.0mm Wide Cable Ties – 79.4kg (175lbs)
• 13mm Wide Cable Ties – 114kg (250lbs)

Our Standard Cable Ties are RoHS compliant, Low Smoke Generating & Zero Halogen