BB12200 – 12V/12V 200A Battery To Battery Charger W/ Reverse Charging Feature (Jump Start Assistance)

The BB12200 is able to charge in both directions. Provided there is over 13.2V on the leisure battery (13.5V if lithium) and the starter battery is below 13V the BB shall allow approximately 60A to flow back to the starter battery up to about 13.4V (float voltage). It simply allows the starter battery to remain topped up when there is surplus energy in the domestic battery. This feature will NOT drain your domestic battery – it simply takes surplus. Once your alternator / engine turns on or you provide the BB with an ignition signal the BB reverts to normal charging of the leisure battery.  This mode can be disabled, but is on as default.

This is ideal for allowing the starter battery to remain topped up when you have solar / wind / charger – charging up your leisure battery.

£967.98 inc.VAT

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