Five Way Power Distribution Fuse Box For Mega & Midi Fuses 12/24V

Heavy Duty Power Distribution Fuse Box for MEGA and MIDI Fuses 12V & 24V – Five Way

  • Suitable for use in automotive, leisure and marine applications
  • Fuses are not included.
  • Heavy duty high current fuse box with incorporated cover, this fuse box
  • Can feed four circuits via a Midi fuse and one common circuit through a Mega fuse.
  • Perfect for running multiple higher current circuits through one central distribution point.
  • Hard wearing plastic polycarbonate base can be screwed to any flat surface using the two integrated 6mm mounting holes
  • Fuses are bolted down using 8mm nuts and lock washers for the Midi fuses and 13mm nuts and lock washers for the Mega fuse.

£18.95 inc.VAT