Heatshrink Butt Connector

High Quality heat shrink Butt crimp connectors are used for standard automotive/marine cable and provide a permanent joining of cables. The connectors, once crimped and shrunk (using a heat gun), provide a water resistant seal around the cable entry points.

  • 3:1 shrink ratio – Adhesive Lined
  • Red Terminals – Conductor Range 9/0.30mm – 14/0.30mm (0.25mm² – 1.5mm²)
  • Blue Terminals – Conductor Range 21/0.30mm – 35/0.30mm (1.1mm² – 2.5mm²)
  • Yellow TerminalsConductor Range 44/0.30mm – 65/0.30mm (2.7mm² – 6.0mm²)
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