Iconica 1000W 12V Hybrid Pure Sine Wave Inverter with 40A MPPT Solar Controller & 20A Mains Charger

The Iconica 1000W 12V hybrid inverter intelligently combines the functions of a 1000W pure sine wave inverter, 40A MPPT solar charge controller and a 20A smart battery charger in one single portable unit. This model can accept input from solar panels, mains power/ generator and a battery – either from a single or combination of input sources. In addition to its unique hybrid capability, this innovative inverter features advanced communication functions, along with a menu full of highly customisable settings.

This is the perfect solution for any off-grid application with limited or zero access to traditional mains power. This hybrid inverter features an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS), making it the ideal option for applications where the power supply is unreliable, intermittent or expensive to maintain. This inverter is great for both stationary and mobile off-grid installations (e.g. remote properties, holiday homes, huts and cabins or narrowboats, yachts etc), as well as for customers looking to reduce their mains electricity usage and save on electricity bills. It could also create the perfect back-up system in locations suffering from frequent power cuts.

£339.99 inc.VAT

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