Sargent Power DX320-12 – DC-DC Battery Charger 20Amp 3 Stage

This DC-DC charger takes power from the vehicle battery and alternator, to provide rapid multi-stage charging of a leisure battery. The battery is more fully charged than using traditional relay systems and any voltage losses in cabling are reduced. An engine running input ensures the charger is compatible with both smart and standard alternators and selector switches provide the optimum charging profile for most battery types.

• Multi-Stage charging – 3-Stage profile maximises charge into the leisure battery
• Vehicle battery protection – charging is automatically reduced to avoid over-discharge
• Selectable battery types – compatible with Gel, Lead Acid, AGM, LiFePO4 & Lithium Ion
• Charging indicators – clearly display charging status
• Temperature compensation (optional) – automatically adjusts charging rate depending on temperature
• Fully protected – built-in overload, short circuit & over temperature protection

£136.98 inc.VAT

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