Victron Energy Orion-Tr Smart 12/12 30A Non Isolated DC-DC Battery to Battery Charger

The Orion – Tr Smart DC-DC Charger is a professional DC to DC adaptive 3-stage charger with built-in Bluetooth.

  • For use in dual battery systems in vehicles or on boats where the (smart) alternator and the start battery are used to charge the service (aux) battery.
  • The unit can be monitored and programmed via Bluetooth and can be remotely controlled via a remote on/off switch and has an engine running detection mechanism.
  • Can be used in 12V or 24V systems and is suitable for both lead acid and lithium batteries.
  • Models are available up to 400W and unlimited multiple units can be connected in parallel to increase output power.
  • Suitable for high temperatures up to 55°C with a full rated output up to 40°C.

£196.00 inc.VAT

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